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Carl “Marty” Swinney, 71, was a life-long member (42 years) of the healthcare team until his retirement from Radiologic Technology in 2012, when he and his wife, Rowena Swinney, moved from Los Angeles to New Mexico.  While in Los Angeles, Swinney became a Founding Member (1975) of the Los Angeles County Libertarian Party (Region 15, now Region 65).  He served one term as Vice-Chair, two terms as Chair, and was instrumental in gaining permanent ballot status for the California Libertarian Party by personally registering more than 6,000 new Libertarian voters during the winter of 1979-80.  Swinney has ran for office 9 other times as the Libertarian candidate for California State Legislature (both State Assembly and State Senate, as well as United States House of Representatives); this campaign for the New Mexico State House, District 59, is his tenth time achieving ballot status and advancing to the General Election.

Since relocating to New Mexico in 2012, Swinney has served as Chair Pro Tem of the Libertarian Party of Lincoln County (NM), State Central Committee, and also as State Chairman of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico.  This is his first time running for office in New Mexico.

Marty enjoys spending time with his wife, Rowena, playing with their springer spaniel, Sammie, vegetable gardening in his spare time, photography, star-gazing, and political and philosophy reading and writing.  Swinney maintains a belief in the ultimate goodness of mankind, and values family life, liberty, and the company of good friends.